From digital communication to digital service provision

We live in a time when, more than ever, the customer is king. As a company you have to go along with this. There is therefore a transition from digital communication to digital service provision. The emphasis is increasingly on providing optimal service to the customer, through different channels, and often automatically. On the consumer side

This gives you more control over the order to cash process

An efficient order to cash process (O2C) is important for every company. In fact, it largely determines the financial health of an organization. Is the process running smoothly? This will lead to fast payments, more control over cash flow and lower operational costs. For example, you don't have to chase invoices as often

Why Credit Management Deserves a Spot at the Boardroom Table

Dutch MKB-entrepreneurs lose 15 billion euros every year, because of unpaid invoices. Even when you hold these high losses in regard, the credit manager is still not included at the boardroom table. This is peculiar, to say the least. Your company can have a strong brand, or a driven Sales team, but if the cashflow

Smart Communication Optimizes Credit Management

A lot of companies can write a book about it: bad credit management can jeopardise the future of an organisation. In many cases, it hasn’t have to came that far when the right measures are taken. Everybody knows that a invoice needs to be paid, to keep an business healthy. Every company has to deal

How to Reclaim Control over the Order to Cash Process

An efficient order to cash process is of great essence for any given company. It defines the financial wellbeing of a healthy organisation. Does the process run smoothly? This will result in quick payments, a steadier grip on the cashflow and lower operating costs. You do not have to waste time on unrewarded invoices and

Debtors & Defaulters. How to Limit the Damage!

Your company is growing and you have substantially increased your clients and customers. It goes without saying that there are defaulters among them. Very annoying, but is it avoidable? Frustrating, time-consuming, bad for contact with the clients and suppliers and damaging to your cash flow. How do you avoid this? Or at least limit the

From Digital Communication to Digital Service

We live in a time where, now more than ever, the customer is always king. As a company you have to accept this simple fact. There is a transition ongoing from digital communication to digital service. The emphasis lies with a optimised service for the customer or client, through different channels, and nowadays often automated.

Technology Raises Customer Service

The study ‘Innovation, smart data and the drive to customer-centricity’ from data expert Experian has shown that rising costs of  customer acquisition, retainers and dead-beat debtors are standing in the way of improving customer service. 700 deciders in the MKB have been asked about a couple of themes revolving customer experience. Four-out-of-five people share that

Do you suffer from many outstanding invoices? You can do this!

Every company has to deal with late payments and outstanding invoices. When the payment term expires, the reason is innocent in many cases. The customer has simply forgotten your invoice or is very busy with other matters. But sometimes the customer is unable or unwilling to pay the invoice. Whatever the reason: the

Functionality guarantee!

Are you tired of running into credit management software that lacks essential features? From now on, good news will no longer suffer from this because MaxCredible has a functionalities guarantee!

Does management have wishes with regard to the functionalities in the product that have not yet been integrated into the application? Then MaxCredible builds these functionalities into the product free of charge.

For perspective, 99% of the MaxCredible users' wishes over the past 15 years have been added to the product for free.

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