Strengthen your position as a creditor with a better preliminary process

In January, the cabinet fell because of the benefits affair, in which thousands of households were unfairly labeled as fraudsters for years and had to pay back up to tens of thousands of euros in benefits. The Tax and Customs Administration played an important role in this, which acted extremely severely in the event of payment arrears of the victims. These kinds of examples keep shifting - rightly or wrongly -

MaxCredible is the financial vaccine

Especially in this day and age it is extremely important to know with whom to do business, to collect quickly and to have insight into the status of outstanding invoices. Where a vaccine will bring stability to society, it is now extra important for software credit management. That is why you can perhaps even speak of software

Tips for better credit management for entrepreneurs

Perhaps not the most exciting topic for entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies, but extremely important: good credit management. Credit management is a must for many (starting) companies. "That customer does pay," many entrepreneurs mistakenly think. Until they are faced with late payers. Or worse; payment is not made. Sometimes because of a conflict and sometimes because of them

What are crucial skills for credit managers in "the digital age"?

Technologies such as robotization, data analytics and machine learning are causing rapid changes within the field of credit managers. More and more tasks that traditionally belong to credit managers are outsourced to machines and software. In this way, robotization takes over repetitive tasks, such as following up on invoices. Data analytics automatically screens customers for risks and opportunities. And

Robotise your debtor process in 5 steps

Is your debtor management department experiencing increasing workload or do you want to get more out of the existing team? Check out how you can automate repetitive tasks in the debtor process with robotization. Robotization makes a huge contribution to our happiness at work. In various fields, robots are increasingly taking over routine tasks, so that we humans have time for things that really matter

Why "first contact to cash" leads to more control and profit

Receiving orders and getting paid quickly: that is the basis of any successful business. It is no coincidence that companies pay attention to the order to cash process. After all, a fast process leads to faster payments, more control over cash flow, lower operational costs and less frustration. Does everything run fast and smoothly? Then that also delivers

Overview of more than 35 innovations that MaxCredible has implemented

MaxCredible customers benefit from the lead through innovation that the MaxCredible application continuously offers. Innovation is in MaxCredible's DNA and built into business operations. All for the benefit of the customers. For perspective, 99% of the MaxCredible users' wishes over the past 15 years have been added to the product free of charge. In this whitepaper

Zo kies je de juiste credit management software

Verstuurt jou onderneming er maand meer dan 50 facturen? Dan kan je dit proces het beste automatiseren met software. Zo hoef je geen nieuwe mensen aan te nemen, maar neemt software het werk volledig uit handen. Als je alles op de juiste manier inricht, kun je altijd op software bouwen: het neemt nooit een dagje

Creditmanagement software voor factoringbedrijven

Dat Factoring in de lift zit is een mooie ontwikkeling voor factoringbedrijven, maar tegelijkertijd groeit daarmee ook het risico op slechte portefeuilles en niet kredietwaardige opdrachtgevers bij klanten. Zeker nu we ons sinds februari van dit jaar begeven in een nieuwe realiteit door de pandemie, is het ook voor een factorbedrijf lastig te achterhalen welke

Functionality guarantee!

Are you tired of running into credit management software that lacks essential features? From now on, good news will no longer suffer from this because MaxCredible has a functionalities guarantee!

Does management have wishes with regard to the functionalities in the product that have not yet been integrated into the application? Then MaxCredible builds these functionalities into the product free of charge.

For perspective, 99% of the MaxCredible users' wishes over the past 15 years have been added to the product for free.

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