The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform is programmed using .Net, being a advanced programming language. Apart from its stability and speed, another advantage means that additions can be made quickly.


The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform has unlimited possibilities thanks to its structure and flexibility. Where necessary, standardisation is advanced so that benchmarking the most important KPIs with similar businesses is simple to implement. The structure and organisation of the MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform is also groundbreaking. On the one hand direct relationships are highlighted between DSOs and the cost of follow-up, and on the other hand the number of disputes (i.e. complaints), plus the time taken to deal with the disputes, segmentation of homogenous payments groups and the application of various media in order to reach the customers.


The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform standard and tailor-made reports are much discussed thanks to the unlimited possibilities for presenting them on dashboards. MaxCredible is way ahead of the market.


The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform has the shortest implementation time. After introducing the Customer Credit Management policy via a wizard (the management tool) based on Q&A, a standard link is made with your bookkeeping using d.basics. d.basics already operates 500 standard links for MaxCredible. You can be operational within 24 hours. This results in unequalled implementation times.

Knowledge database

This exists because the MaxCredible Customer Credit Management platform uses a central database. MaxCredible and its customers have fully descriptive knowledge at their disposal regarding the order to cash process and factors that influence payment behaviour. The bigger the database grows, the greater the accuracy and versatility. Therefore time creates increasing levels of quality.

Licence model

MaxCredible Customer Credit Management is available for a fixed, monthly payment. Clear, transparent and unique in the marketplace. No additional expenses, no extra costs for upgrades, no surprises on implementation. The customer know exactly what they are getting.

Product innovation

The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform is being continuously developed with and for CFOs, Credit Managers, CEOs, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Customer Care Managers, Logistics Managers, IT Managers and Production Managers. Customers receive quarterly upgrades. These are announced beforehand by way of release notes and quietly implemented over the weekend. MaxCredible customers don’t pay anything.


The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform is supplied all languages. With just a single click the software appears in the preferred language. The same applies to the MaxCredible website including the Q&A page and instruction films.


The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform communicates easily with bookkeeping programs, media, call centres, full-service businesses, payment-service businesses, analysts, etc, all over the world Unique flexibility and versatility.


MaxCredible pulls out all the stops to provide the best Customer Credit Management Platform at the lowest possible price. Both costs and problems are saved so that this state of the art product is delivered in a way that is always appreciated by the customers. The focus is on the customer.