Technology Raises Customer Service

Technology Raises Customer Service

The study ‘Innovation, smart data and the drive to customer-centricity’ from data expert Experian has shown that rising costs of  customer acquisition, retainers and dead-beat debtors are standing in the way of improving customer service.

700 deciders in the MKB have been asked about a couple of themes revolving customer experience. Four-out-of-five people share that data, analytics and artificial intelligence are important aspects for the growth of their organisation. Especially in a competitive market, where it is hard to stand out, can this make a difference.

Technological Disadvantage

The world that we live in is driven by technology. Organisations that work with outdated technology, for example legacy software that is difficult to adjust or people have a hard time with investing in new systems, become left behind. Companies will not be able to compete with actual daty and consequent omnichannel-decisions.

Which message do you use at which time or which person? The use of automated omnichannel communicates becomes substantially more effective with actual and current data.

Harsh Words or Reality?

Activities like client acquisition, perseveration and debtors’ management are huge cost items for any organisation. Personnel-costs rise and employees are hard to find, but technology can give you a solution for this. Many organisations work with outdated communication technology which can lead to a cost-inefficient operation that undermines the competitive position. Not harsh words, but just plain reality. Organisations that don’t embrace technology as the driver of their business, have or will have a hard time going on. Especially companies that deal with communication. The acceptance of digital communication is in a high-speed train, and it will not take long before costumers demand to correctly helped, right here and now.

Automatizing Processes.

You might gain a competitive advantage by converting all available date to new insights. The newest techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence are available, so why not use it to improve the customer journey? Customer acquisition, retainers and ledgers’ management have long been cases which should be dealt by humans. A lot of communication can be automatized, which gives any organisation space and time to work on the customer experience. A client isn’t a cow that you milk until the well has dried out. A client is a holy cow, that you nurture and take care off.