General terms and condition

The general terms & conditions of ICT Office apply to all the services offered by MaxCredible B.V. being those filed at the Registry of the District Court in The Hague.

General terms and conditions for promotional (discount) campaigns organized by MaxCredible:

  • Participants can participate in a promotion a maximum of once and / or use promotional discounts on products and / or services of MaxCredible.
  • The right to participate in promotions does not apply in combination with other offers enjoyed by the participant, participation in current promotions of MaxCredible or participation in promotions in the past.
  • MaxCredible reserves the right to withdraw or change participation without prior notice and without giving reasons (this has no consequences for agreements already concluded that were concluded before the withdrawal or modification of the promotion). In these cases, the participant cannot claim any (damage) compensation.
  • MaxCredible is entitled to exclude participants from participation if it is of the opinion that the participants are not acting in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or if the participants otherwise fraudulently gain access to participation.
  • All promotions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
  • MaxCredible is not liable for any typing, printing or typesetting errors.
  • In cases not provided for in the conditions, a decision will be taken by MaxCredible.
  • If there is a substantial delay in delivery, MaxCredible will inform the participant about this.