Receive payments on invoices up to 50% faster and cut your accounts receivable management costs in half.

All stakeholders will be involved in the process of speeding up dunning up to 50% while lowering collection costs up to 50% at the same time.

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    What is MaxCredible

    Credit management software

    Accounts receivable management focuses on managing incoming cash flows and collecting outstanding receivables. Accounts receivable management goes beyond just accounting. Accounts receivable management is one.


    Collection Strategy

    To be effective in Credit Management a Collection Strategy that fits your business proces is needed. Using the MaxCredible Wizard, helps to rethink and adjust the Strategy, and translate it into an operational proces in line with your companywide proces.


    Credit Risk Management

    Credit risk refers to the probability of loss due to a borrower’s failure to make payments on any type of debt. Credit risk management is.


    Issue Management

    In Creditmanagement anything that delays or prevents payment is considered to be an Issue. The purpose of Issue Management is to identify and solve individual issues and gain insight in the structural causes of issues in order to be able to prevent them.


    MaxCredible is suitable for all industries,
from small to large companies.


    Small and medium-sized enterprises

    Large enterprises


    What our customers say

    Johan Bogaard

    The MaxCredible platform enables the organization to better collaborate in the execution of credit management policies, to detect and quickly resolve complaints to prevent them in the future.

    Renata Arar

    Within six weeks, we effectively implemented MaxCredible, which resulted in significant improvements in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). The successful...

    Karel Soeters

    By using MaxCredible for our CRM, we made our results visible and shared them with our employees. As a result, we give our employees a more valued role within the organization.

    MaxCredible tailored for all

    Trusted by millions, maxcredible powers teams all around the world.


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    • Up to 250 open items
    • Payment journeys: 3
    • Essential Tableau reporting
    • 3 Standard templates
    • Including payment links
    • Support by email and chat
    • Unlimited number of users
    • Administration: 1
    • Connectable with online accounting packages

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    • All Essential features
    • Up to 2,000 open invoices
    • 10 extra payment journeys
    • 10 extra templates
    • Pro Tableau reporting
    • More payment providers
    • Phone Support
    • Price per user
    • Up to 5 different administrations

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    Enterprise(Contact us for custom needs?)

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    • All pro features + Ai
    • Number of open items: Unlimited
    • Payment journeys: Unlimited
    • Tableau reports: Unlimited
    • Templates: Unlimited
    • Personal customer success agent
    • Administrations: Unlimited
    • Number of departments: Unlimited
    • Connectable with all accounting packages and ERP systems

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