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Credit Management

MaxCredibel Customer Credit Management software primary use is to support your Credit Management department.


MaxCredible software is ideal for supporting various levels of outsourcing. We can define three different levels of outsourcing for credit management. Intensive care, medium care & low care


Factoring can be implemented simply and professionally with MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Software supplemented with MaxCredible Collections software.

Soft factoring

The introduction of factoring is far-reaching for both the customer and the customer’s customers. In order to implement the purchase of receivables, a 24/7 insight to the debtor file is needed as well as the actions undertaken for collecting the debts.


Why Maxcredible

The innovative MaxCredible Customer Credit Management software delivers all the management disciplines and resources required to significantly speed up the order-to-cash cycle and for substantially lower operating costs.

MaxCredible makes it possible to automate a large part of the Credit Management process without the need for large investments or incurring high maintenance charges. You only pay a fixed subscription fee for each user.

The MaxCredible software also helps to increase both customer and employee satisfaction levels.

Collect 50% faster at 50% lower costs

All stakeholders will be involved in the process of speeding up dunning for 50% while lowering collection costs for 50% at the same time.



Provide easy access to users with appropriate permissions and screens for their tasks by adding them to a user group with a username and email address.

All functionallities


Segment customers to appropriately track each group. Criteria for segmentation are, for example, risk scores, culture, language, or historical payment behavior.

All functionallities



Create a succession profile per segment by defining subsequent communication actions on the graphical timeline. Different media such as letters, e-mails, calls, SMS, and faxes are combined to achieve the best effect.

All functionallities


What does Maxcredible offer?

MaxCredible offers a wide range of applications for many types of users and businesses.
MaxCredible has been developed as a rapidly deployable and cost effective credit management solution. All the relevant parties become involved in the process, from the internal sales departments through to external collection agencies and credit bureaus.

MaxCredible App users:

Employing various subscriptions, MaxCredible is available in companies for the following employees:

  • Credit manager (Professional Subscription with complete system access)
  • Management - CEO, CFO, COO, logistics directors, production directors, marketing directors, sales directors (Modular Subscription with access to reports and reporting)
  • Persons dealing with issues, representatives, customer care employees, logistics managers, production managers, product managers (Modular Subscriptionwith to access specific issues to be dealt with)



Choose the subscription that suits your organization. Maxcredible always comes with the same robust, easy-to-use framework, unlimited assets and professional support.

MaxCredible CCMS Classic

€199/Per month per user

The Software as a Service (SaaS) online Credit Management solution for every company for more than 15 years.

  • Dynamic Reportbuilder
  • Risk management

MaxCredible CCM Salesforce App

€199/Per month per user

For years the Salesforce online credit management solution for every company.

  • Salesforce solution
  • Free training



Product Properties







What makes us unique?

MaxCredible gives a 99% functionality guarantee
With the “unique” functionalities guarantee “you are assured that you have all the functionalities you miss.

The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management outperforms competitors
The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management application is more innovative, has more functionalities are more flexible and are delivered at a lower price.

Functionality guarantee!

Are you tired of running into credit management software that lacks essential features? From now on, good news will no longer suffer from this because MaxCredible has a functionalities guarantee!

Does management have wishes with regard to the functionalities in the product that have not yet been integrated into the application? Then MaxCredible builds these functionalities into the product free of charge.

For perspective, 99% of the MaxCredible users' wishes over the past 15 years have been added to the product for free.

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