The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform is easy to link to ERP systems. In many companies this is currently done using ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP for example. Considerations include rapid installation, ease of use, unlimited possibilities and functionalities and also price. It is the possibility for Credit or Operations managers to manage settings without having to involve the IT people that makes MaxCredible CCMS particularly popular in ERP environments. For further details see ERP white paper. The links can be operational within two to three weeks. The time taken depends on the priority within the customer's organisation, as well as the number of specific requirements. MaxCredible can also provide custom-build links if necessary. See the “MaxCredible Custom-build button” .

Technical details:

The infrastructure requirements at the customer are limited to the data traffic level, the use of Verisign Digital ID certificates, as well as the availability of Internet Explorer from version 7 onwards.
An XML file is used for the data upload to the MaxCredible platform which is sent over a secure SSL link with a Verisign certificate. Both the server from where the upload is sent and the end user computers should have Verisign certificates installed. The certificates are used for authentication and encryption. The customer's infrastructure must allow unlimited SSL traffic to the MaxCredible CCMS platform.

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For debtors with status "On Hold" no messages will be generated.

You have to put the Debtor "Off Hold" manualy. A dynamic report can show all debtors with status "On Hold" to keep track.

Yes. You can upload an image with a signature and add it to a template.

No Credit Issues have to be assigned to a specific user within a Group.


The system supports multiple languages. The settings are saved per user so any user can set his own preffered interface language.

This is due to an option in Microsoft Internet Explorer. To fix this enable the following options in the advanced tab of IE options. Go to: Tools-->Internet Options-->Advanced. Here make sure that the field with "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is checked.

On the customer screen go to the email icon on the rightside of the screen just above the oversight of the invoices.

Select the template you want to use, add or adjust emailadresses and select invoices.

The mail will be send emediately. 

Manual letters are presented for printing immediatly and will not be added to the To Do List.

The manual letters will be added to the correspondence oversight where you can open the PDF any time.

No. The profile's starting point and follow up strategy  references to the due date of the invoices.Therefore there is no need to use multiple strategies for different payment terms.



No. Maxcredible CCMS does not replace your bookkeeping software. It is an add on that is specialized in supporting your credit management process and policies. The Credit management application is filled with data from the financial system on a regular (daily) basis.

The list consists of outstandings, debtor information and additional information on debtor and/or invoice level to support the dunning strategies.


The invoicelines in red show that there is an overdue creditissue for this invoice.

This is to help you spot the invoices with issues that need immediate attention when opening the customerscreen.

Bij segmentating the brands and countries to different profiles you can add different templates for different brands in various languages and with different local settings to acomodate the customs in different countries.


There are no restrictions on the number of debtors to import. 

The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform can very easily be linked to 885 bookkeeping and ERP programs using d-basics software with either an XML interface or standard links. The d-basics link can be arranged within 48 hours. The link costs €250 once-only, and €350 annually. (prices subject to change). If your standard bookkeeping program does not appear on the list, the link can still normally be made at the prices shown above. It is also no problem if you are using a range of different bookkeeping programs within your (international) organization. The different systems can all be linked up for a small additional charge. See the current list of bookkeeping programs and prices here.

We offer different subscription plans each with different features and add-ins included. Please visit our pricing page for the latest subscription plans and their features.

You select the customer / prospect and create an opportunity. Indicate at '' Stage '', close won.

Just one sign-in to our Single Sign on feature which unlocks access to all applications.

The environment of your BV is owned by you. Nobody else has access to this. There are possibilities to export data, but that is completely your choice.

Functionality guarantee!

Are you tired of running into credit management software that lacks essential features? From now on, good news will no longer suffer from this because MaxCredible has a functionalities guarantee!

Does management have wishes with regard to the functionalities in the product that have not yet been integrated into the application? Then MaxCredible builds these functionalities into the product free of charge.

For perspective, 99% of the MaxCredible users' wishes over the past 15 years have been added to the product for free.

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